Elk Pass is a GO

We’ve received no information to dissuade us from taking the ride over Elk Pass. While the road displays the typical lumps, slumps and cracks that are a year round presence on FR 25, the road is clear of snow and substantially free of debris from “fog line to fog line” per the Forest Service. And SIR volunteer went up there this week and confirms the road appears rideable. A 21 mile stretch is still closed to motor vehicles while the Forest Service completes it’s final winter maintenance, so Cascade 1200 will have the special opportunity to ride this spectacularly beautiful stretch of road car-fee.

Riders are cautioned to take special care to be observant of the road surface at all times, and to reign back their speeds on the descent off Elk Pass. There is no sweep through the 21 mile closed stretch so riders need to be even more vigilant than usual to ensure their own personal safety.