2nd chance to get a Cascade 1200 Jersey

By popular request, here is a 2nd opportunity to order a Cascade 1200 Jersey. Order before midnight July 11th. Orders will be shipped to you directly. Please be sure to use the correct link below, based on your country of residence.

For orders shipping to UNITED STATES ADDRESSES only, please use this link. A $10 shipping fee will be applied to your order

For orders shipping to ALL INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES, please use this link. A $20 shipping fee will be applied to your order.

Orders will be shipped to you the week of 8/24.

Volunteers! Thank you!

Events like the Cascade 1200 do not happen without a stellar crew of volunteers. In 2018, members of all 4 NW randonneuring clubs (SIR, Oregon Randonneurs, Desert River Randonneurs and Willamette Randonneurs) came out to support this event. We had nearly as many volunteers (54) as we did riders(60). A huge thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Wendy Pulkkinen Loomis (Registration & Kent control)
Rose Pantley (Registration)
Gregory Cox (Registration)
Corey Thompson (Bike Inspections)
Paul Ahart (Bike inspections & on-course mechanic)
Trish Kimbell (Registration & Mazama control)
Robert Hendry (Registration & Quincy control)
Norm Carr (Registration & Mattawa control)
Noel Howes (Start control & pre-rider)
Steven DeGroot (Start control)
John D Nguyen (Start control)
Jeff Loomis (Kent control)
Paul Johnson (Cispus control)
Ward Beebe (Northwoods control)
Cynthia Wenks (Stevenson control captain)
Lesli Larson (Stevenson control captain)
Pat Leahy & daughter Simone (Stevenson control)
Paul Lieberman (Stevenson control)
Tom Durkin (Stevenson control)
Michael Powpar (Stevenson control)
Anita Cudney Olszyk (Stevenson control)
Peg Winczewski (Stevenson control)
Kris Symer (Stevenson control)
John Kramer (Bickleton water stop)
Ian Hoffman (Vernita & Farmer controls)
Marcie Fancey (Mattawa control)
Kasia Kurek-Moore (Quincy control captain & Snohomish control)
Keith Moore (Quincy control captain & Snohomish control)
Narayan Krishnamoorthy (Quincy control captain)
Jeff Dunning (Quincy control)
Duane Wright (Quincy control)
Tomoco Himei (Quincy, Farmer, Twisp controls)
Josh Morse (Malott control)
Theo Roffe (RBA & Mazama control captain)
James Walsh (Mazama control captain)
Hugh Kimball (Mazama control)
Rachel Wood (Mazama control)
Cary Flannery (Mazama control)
Vic Ringkvist (Washington Pass support)
Joel Niemi (Snohomish control captain)
Charlie White (Snohomish control)
Yogy Namara (Snohomish control)
Geoff Hazel (Snohomish control)
Chris Heg (Luggage truck & pre-rider)
Richard Wolf (sweep)
Joseph Roberts (sweep)
Geoff Swarts (route design)
Ian Shopland (route design & bike inspections)
Deena Heg (event logistics)
Susan Elizabeth Franke (event logistics)
Tom Beck (event logistics)
Andy Speier (event logistics)
Michal Young (SPOT Tracking application)

In addition, several riders turned into volunteers along the way, in particular Brian Chun who was a big help both in Quincy and Snohomish.

It was an honor and a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.

If I inadvertently omitted anyone, please let me know!

With sincere gratitude,

Elk Pass is a GO

We’ve received no information to dissuade us from taking the ride over Elk Pass. While the road displays the typical lumps, slumps and cracks that are a year round presence on FR 25, the road is clear of snow and substantially free of debris from “fog line to fog line” per the Forest Service. And SIR volunteer went up there this week and confirms the road appears rideable. A 21 mile stretch is still closed to motor vehicles while the Forest Service completes it’s final winter maintenance, so Cascade 1200 will have the special opportunity to ride this spectacularly beautiful stretch of road car-fee.

Riders are cautioned to take special care to be observant of the road surface at all times, and to reign back their speeds on the descent off Elk Pass. There is no sweep through the 21 mile closed stretch so riders need to be even more vigilant than usual to ensure their own personal safety.

Elk Pass – Go or no go?

Elk Pass is now free of snow. Yesterday, the Cascade ride organizer spoke with the road engineer for FR25, who reported that the road is clear of snow and debris “fog line to fog line”. However, the gates are still closed to motorized traffic. The road does have slumps, bumps and cracks present, but these hazards are present even when the road is open.

A Cascade volunteer will be taking a ride through the closed section on Tuesday and report back, at which point we will make a final decision. But for now, our operating assumption is that Elk Pass is a GO.

Stay tuned for more details to come.

Registration opens February 2nd!

Registration for the 2018 Cascade 1200 opens at 6am Pacific on Friday February 2nd!

The event is limited to 100 riders. The ride fee is $475, with certain discounts available. (See the registration process described below for details.)

In an effort to accommodate as many international riders as possible, registration spots will be allocated as follows: 80 spots will be immediately available to riders from the United States and Canada. These spots are expected to fill within a day. A waiting list will be maintained beyond that. 20 spots will be immediately available for riders from all other countries. If not immediately filled, these places will be held open for international riders through the end of February. Any unfilled international spots will be offered to to wait-listed US/Canada riders on March 1st.

Registration for the event will be a 2-step process.

  1. SIGN-UP: On February 2nd at 6am Pacific we will publish a link here on the event home page to a registration form. You will want to have all of the following information at your fingertips to ensure a smooth registration.
    • If you are already qualified with a 2017 series, you will be asked to provide the ACP or RUSA Certification #, date, location, and event name. (Example: #569075, 2017/05/06, OR: Portland, Covered Bridges). A full series is 200K, 300K, 400K, 600K. These events must be calendared brevets with ACP or RUSA certification numbers. Permanents do NOT qualify. A longer distance brevet is an acceptable substitute for a shorter distance brevet. ie. 200K, 300K, 600K, 600K is OK.
    • All riders will be required to carry a GPS Tracking Device. The cost is included with your registration fee. You can get a $50 discount on your ride registration if you wish to carry your own SPOT or DeLorme InReach. To qualify for the discount, you must provide the public tracking page for your device. If it’s a SPOT it will look like this: https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=00cDBSznguqOjfiTBUdqdEl9pldbz1OSa Please note we will not accept requests to use phone apps such as Apple Find My Friends, etc as much of the course is not covered by cellular reception.
  2. CONFIRMATION AND PAYMENT: Registrations will be accepted in the order in which they are received. If there are spaces available when you submit your registration, you will receive a PAYPAL INVOICE from Seattle Randonneurs within 24 hours of your entry. (Please DO NOT send payment until you receive the invoice. Please be patient, as volunteers will be working as fast as they can to get this work done.) Payment is required within 7 days, or your space will be forfeit to riders on the wait list. Please be sure that you understand the terms of our cancellation policy at http://seattlerando.org/C1200/registration/#cancellation

    When all available spaces are full, we will start a wait list. You will not be invoiced unless and until a space opens.

    Both a Registered Riders list and a Wait List will be published on the Cascade website. This list must be updated manually by Cascade volunteers, so please don’t panic if you do not immediately see your name listed.

2018 Cascade 1200

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Cascade 1200!! We are once again looking forward to hosting riders from all over the world for one of the premier 1200K events in the United States. Riders can expect a challenging and scenic route, professionally catered food at the overnight locations, an enthusiastic team of experienced volunteers, and memories to last a lifetime.

There are some exciting updates for 2018 including:

  • A new Seattle area start.
  • A mix of school facilities and hotel overnights. Overnight locations at school facilities will have nearby hotel options for riders looking for a plusher experience.
  • A return to a classic Cascade 1200 route with overnights in Stevenson, Quincy and Mazama.
  • A higher rider limit than 2016, as we are not space constrained at the first two overnights.

Please review the links in the menu bar above for details.

The organizers are hard at work on the details and will update route and registration information as it becomes available. We appreciate your patience.

We hope to open registration in late January or early February. In the meantime, please bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

Susan Otcenas
Cascade 1200 Organizer

Theo Roffe
SIR Regional Brevet Administrator