2nd chance to get a Cascade 1200 Jersey

By popular request, here is a 2nd opportunity to order a Cascade 1200 Jersey. Order before midnight July 11th. Orders will be shipped to you directly. Please be sure to use the correct link below, based on your country of residence.

For orders shipping to UNITED STATES ADDRESSES only, please use this link. A $10 shipping fee will be applied to your order

For orders shipping to ALL INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES, please use this link. A $20 shipping fee will be applied to your order.

Orders will be shipped to you the week of 8/24.

Volunteers! Thank you!

Events like the Cascade 1200 do not happen without a stellar crew of volunteers. In 2018, members of all 4 NW randonneuring clubs (SIR, Oregon Randonneurs, Desert River Randonneurs and Willamette Randonneurs) came out to support this event. We had nearly as many volunteers (54) as we did riders(60). A huge thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Wendy Pulkkinen Loomis (Registration & Kent control)
Rose Pantley (Registration)
Gregory Cox (Registration)
Corey Thompson (Bike Inspections)
Paul Ahart (Bike inspections & on-course mechanic)
Trish Kimbell (Registration & Mazama control)
Robert Hendry (Registration & Quincy control)
Norm Carr (Registration & Mattawa control)
Noel Howes (Start control & pre-rider)
Steven DeGroot (Start control)
John D Nguyen (Start control)
Jeff Loomis (Kent control)
Paul Johnson (Cispus control)
Ward Beebe (Northwoods control)
Cynthia Wenks (Stevenson control captain)
Lesli Larson (Stevenson control captain)
Pat Leahy & daughter Simone (Stevenson control)
Paul Lieberman (Stevenson control)
Tom Durkin (Stevenson control)
Michael Powpar (Stevenson control)
Anita Cudney Olszyk (Stevenson control)
Peg Winczewski (Stevenson control)
Kris Symer (Stevenson control)
John Kramer (Bickleton water stop)
Ian Hoffman (Vernita & Farmer controls)
Marcie Fancey (Mattawa control)
Kasia Kurek-Moore (Quincy control captain & Snohomish control)
Keith Moore (Quincy control captain & Snohomish control)
Narayan Krishnamoorthy (Quincy control captain)
Jeff Dunning (Quincy control)
Duane Wright (Quincy control)
Tomoco Himei (Quincy, Farmer, Twisp controls)
Josh Morse (Malott control)
Theo Roffe (RBA & Mazama control captain)
James Walsh (Mazama control captain)
Hugh Kimball (Mazama control)
Rachel Wood (Mazama control)
Cary Flannery (Mazama control)
Vic Ringkvist (Washington Pass support)
Joel Niemi (Snohomish control captain)
Charlie White (Snohomish control)
Yogy Namara (Snohomish control)
Geoff Hazel (Snohomish control)
Chris Heg (Luggage truck & pre-rider)
Richard Wolf (sweep)
Joseph Roberts (sweep)
Geoff Swarts (route design)
Ian Shopland (route design & bike inspections)
Deena Heg (event logistics)
Susan Elizabeth Franke (event logistics)
Tom Beck (event logistics)
Andy Speier (event logistics)
Michal Young (SPOT Tracking application)

In addition, several riders turned into volunteers along the way, in particular Brian Chun who was a big help both in Quincy and Snohomish.

It was an honor and a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.

If I inadvertently omitted anyone, please let me know!

With sincere gratitude,